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02. Representing Applicants

Every step of the way . . .

Each step in the process of applying to The Florida Bar builds on the last. Many issues can be mitigated (or avoided altogether) by thoughtful diligence throughout. Before you submit your application, there are dozens of considerations to ensure it is not only complete and correct, but avoids the pitfalls that create issues down the road. 


If you have already submitted your application and been asked to appear at an Investigative or Formal hearing, I can get you ready. Bar Examiners cases are counterintuitive. Much of what law school teaches students, from advocacy to application of facts, hurts applicants in how they think they should approach the Bar Examiners process. Most things about human nature also work against you. The Bar Examiners process aims a spotlight on the most uncomfortable, difficult, and embarrassing aspects of your life. In response, there is a tendency to justify, excuse, or minimize our actions in an effort to shift our responsibilities.  


I have a different approach. I believe the application process is designed to make you a better lawyer and person. In its best version, it teaches you something about yourself. The only way to successfully complete the Bar application process is right through the middle. 


I have assisted hundreds of applicants to the Bar, both law students and attorneys (admitted in other jurisdictions) seeking admission in Florida, from the preparation and submission of their applications through Investigative and Formal hearings. You have spent an enormous amount of time, money, effort, and intellectual capital to get to this point; the guidance of someone who understands the process is of paramount importance. Call me to discuss your application today. We can get through this, together. 


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