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Messner P.A.

01. Representing Lawyers

Get the facts . . .

Receiving a Bar complaint can feel like an affront both professionally and personally. It can come from any number of individuals or entities: clients, opposing counsel, the judiciary, or the Bar itself. A natural reaction is to be defensive; perhaps an instinctual lawyer's reaction – be offensive. In most (if not all) cases, neither is correct. It is a near-impossible task for lawyers to be objective in responding to Bar complaints against themselves.  

I have represented hundreds of lawyers at every stage of The Florida Bar's grievance process, from initial complaints filed with ACAP through referee hearings and appeals to the Supreme Court of Florida. My straightforward and fact-based approach can help you navigate this process.


While every complaint is unique, my approach is consistent: get the facts. The response should be tailored to meet each element and aspect of the complaint. It will clearly explain the lawyer's actions. It should be thoughtful and thorough. It may seek to contextualize the events in question. It may involve the lawyer acknowledging responsibility for actions that did not meet his or her obligations under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. It presents a complete package to the Bar that seeks to explain, not excuse. Ultimately, each response seeks a solution. Call me to discuss your matter today.

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