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Introducing our law firm

Representing Florida Lawyers

and Applicants to The Florida Bar

Introducing Messner P.A.

Few fondly recall the time they had a pending Bar complaint or Florida Bar application. A Bar complaint threatens your reputation and career. It is professional, but also personal. The Bar application process aims a spotlight on the most challenging aspects of your life. Both require someone not only familiar with the process, but also focused on you. 


I have represented members of The Florida Bar and applicants to the Bar before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners since 2010. I started Messner P.A. because my approach to clients is unique: direct, thorough, and thoughtful. We can get through this, together.

How can I help?


The Florida Bar

Representing Florida lawyers in all phases of The Florida Bar disciplinary process


The Florida Board of Bar Examiners

Representing applicants to the Bar at every stage of the application process


Ethics, Advertising, Fee Disputes, and Firm Breakups

Navigating all aspects of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and lawyering in Florida  

The best way out is always through.


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